The enthusiasm, knowledge and skills of our employees contribute to the quality of our products and reliability of our supply. We take great pride in our ability to build a dynamic, highly-skilled and innovative management team who are driving the company’s success. This team is supported by dedicated employees who live in coastal communities and contribute to the local area’s economy and sense of community. We believe in the strong commitment to the company culture and values.

Employing more than 300 people throughout the UK, we offer five categories of job postings; Seawater, Freshwater, Processing, Business Support and Finance/Sales/Administration.


Full Time Site Assistants - Shetland VIEW

Full Time Site Assistants Yell/Unst Sea Sites, Shetland and Mainland (Westside) Sea Sites, Shetland

Our career opportunities combine challenging job responsibilities, professional development opportunities, support for community involvement and a positive working environment.
Should you be interested with a Career at Cooke, please send your expression of interest to us.